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Conference Proceedings

Questa sera si recita a soggetto di Pirandello fra Pasolini e il Living Theatre,” in Bart Van Den Bossche & Monica Jansen eds., Conference proceedings of Le passioni di Pirandello, Universities of Leuven and Antwerp, May 11-12, 2010 (Firenze: Cesati & Helmond: Stichting Luigi Pirandello, 2010) 291-300

Book Reviews

-Review of Beatrice Barbalato ed., Le carnaval verbal d’Ascanio Celestini: Traduire le théâtre de narration? (Brussels: Peter Lang, 2011) in Incontri: rivista europea di studi italiani, vol 27, 2 (2012), 132

-Review of Giudicetti, Gianpaolo – Lizza Minuti, Marinella, Le città e i nomi. Un viaggio tra le Città invisibili di Italo Calvino (Torino: Nero su Bianco, 2010), in Lettres Romanes 65 (2011), 245-247

Catalog Essays

“Environed,” Catalog Essay for Wang Xu Solo Exhibition, Gallery 456, New York, 2014


Co-translation of Maud Vanhauwaert’s 2019 Antwerp City Poem (“Stadsgedicht,” translation #17, Chinese-Dutch)


Lancaster University

DELC 402: “Reading Theoretically” (2 semesters)

DELC 416: “Academic and Practical Methods in Translation: Postcolonialism and Feminism” (3 semesters)

FREN 233: “Shaping Contemporary France: Moments and Movements: Digital Culture and Society” (1 semester)

CHIN 100-101: “Chinese in Context” (Modern and Contemporary Historical and Cultural Context, 4 semesters)

FREN 100-101: “French in Context: The Avant-Gardes and the Great War” (1 semester)

DELC 424: Independent Study Unit (2 semesters)

DELC 402: Translation Project (MA in Translation dissertation co-supervisions, 6 semesters)

Columbia University

Elementary Italian I & II (6 semesters)

Catholic University of Leuven

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Cinema” (1 semester)                                                     

“Introduction to the History of Italian Art” (1 semester)         

Centre for Continued Higher Education Antwerp

Elementary French (2 semesters)        


-Brighton University, UK – CAPPE 2019 Conference: “After the End of History” – “Competing Universalities in China/Avant-Garde and Les Magiciens de la terre (1989)”

-Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – Bandung Humanisms: Towards a New Understanding of the Global South International Workshop – “The Afro-Asian Writers’ Bureau and the Reinvention of Universal Culture” (by invitation)

-NYU Villa La Pietra & Kunsthistorisches Institut Max Planck, Florence, Italy – “Pier Paolo Pasolini: Image/Body/Site” Conference – “‘Bandung Man’: Pasolini’s L’odore dell’India and Italian Thirdworldism” (by invitation)

-Yale University, CT – “The Legacy of Pier Paolo Pasolini” Conference – “Planetary Pasolini: The Indian and African Documentaries”

-New York University, NY – “Capitals”: ACLA Annual Meeting – “Avant-garde Magicians: Humanism and Deconstruction in Chinese Art Practice of the 1980s”

-Cardozo Law School/NYU, NY – “La Ricotta in Context” Workshop – “Pasolini’s Non-Actors”

-University of Pennsylvania, PA – “Altered States” French & Italian Graduate Student Conference – “Friendship Hotel. Spaces of Globalization in Barthes’, Moravia’s, and Kristeva’s Chinese Travelogues.”

-Rutgers University, NJ – “immagiNazione” Graduate Student Conference –  ”An Italian in Beijing. Pasoliniʼs Critique of Globalization in Le mura di Sanaʼa Between Moravia, Antonioni, and the Cultural Revolution.”

-University of California, Los Angeles – “Forbidden Ideas” Graduate Student Conference – “Hammer and Sickle. Reading Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Review of the 1975 Warhol Exhibition at Ferrara.”

-University of Warwick, UK – Plenary Session of the annual Society for Italian Studies Postgraduate Colloquium – “State of Fluxus. Changing Theatrical and Everyday Space in Pasolini’s Collaborative Projects with the Living Theatre of New York (1966-69).”

-Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium – International Pirandello Conference – “Guardare la gente che passa. Questa sera si recita a soggetto di Pirandello fra Pasolini e il Living Theatre.”

-University of Michigan, MI – Annual Conference of the American Association for Italian Studies, “Queer Spaces, Queer Bodies” panel – “Making Gay. Queering Theatrical Space in Pasolini’s Theatre.”

-Brown University, RI – Annual “Chiasmi” Graduate Student Conference at Brown and Harvard Universities – presentation on Pasolini and the Living Theatre.


2016-17 Mellon International Travel Award, Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, for research in Paris & Beijing

2014 Institute for World Literature (Harvard University), Hong Kong

2008-09 Francqui Fellowship of the Belgian American Educational Foundation; Scholarship of the Fernand Lazard Foundation

2007-08 Scholarship of Excellence of the Roger Dillemans Foundation; “Stipendium” of the Academia Belgica, Rome

2007 F.J. Mertens Award for the best Master’s Thesis in Romance Literature at the University of Leuven

2005-06 Université de Paris, Paris IV – La Sorbonne — European Union’s Erasmus Exchange Program, EU Mobility Scholarship and stay at German-speaking Maison Heinrich Heine of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

2004 Scholarship of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura — four-week Italian Summer School Program at Università per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy

2003 First Laureate of the National French Proficiency Olympiad “La Tour Eiffel – Olyfran” (Belgium) – Awarded a five-week French summer school program at Laval University, Canada by the Quebec Government and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie


2014-15 University Senator (GSAS – Humanities)

2013-15 Inaugural Student Representative of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to Columbia’s Arts Initiative Advisory Group

2011-15 Department Representative to Columbia’s Graduate Student Advisory Council