Pieter Vanhove holds a Ph.D. in Italian and Comparative Literature from Columbia University in New York. He is currently based in London.

Pieter’s book project examines how the postcolonial critique of cultural worldliness took on a concrete form under the impetus of the many international cultural organizations and collectives that were established during the Cold War. He argues that anti-imperialist authors, artists, and organizations used translation as a tool to reimagine world literature and foster alternative conceptions of the world. His main research interests are postcolonial studies, critical theory, world literature, twentieth-century cinema, contemporary art, translatability, and the critique of universality.

Pieter’s publications include articles in Estetica: Studi e ricercheSenses of Cinema, and Studi pasoliniani. From 2011 to 2016, he was Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s Research Assistant. He curated Columbia M.F.A. Graduate Wang Xu’s first solo exhibition in 2014.

From 2009-11, Pieter worked on an independent research project on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s theater with funding from the Research Foundation Flanders. In 2009, he obtained his M.A. in Italian from Columbia University with funding from the Belgian American Educational Foundation. He holds Master’s degrees in Romance Philology and Comparative Literature from the University of Leuven and spent a year of his studies at Université Paris IV–La Sorbonne.

Pieter is a long-time student of Mandarin Chinese. In 2014, he received a grant to attend Harvard University’s Institute for World Literature in Hong Kong, and in 2016-17, he was awarded the Columbia GSAS-Mellon Humanities Travel Fellowship for research in Paris and Beijing.